6 Happy Cafeteries to See While Rolling By Pelham, Alabama

You know that food craze sweeping the Solid South? Maybe it is low-carb, low-sodium or gluten-free? We can’t keep track of these Hollywood diets! Well, thankfully the top chefs in Pelham, Alabama create trends and don’t follow them. Sour and salty have found a way to co-exist in perfect harmony throughout the munch holes of Alabama. Toss in some peaches, catfish or blueberries and you got yourself a meal!

Pelham, Alabama might not unseat Paris as a culinary hub any time soon. We know that in time, the selfish skeptics will be proven wrong.

Random outsider opinions about this town’s ethnic food or Italian fare are often unwarranted anyways. And the locavores here are already over it. Are organic foods healthier and can they be delicious? Or do the classics from Alabama need a robust reboot? These top establishments have the chops to solve either riddle.

Most Alabamians like how the gleeful wait staff tries to recommend the best dishes for you. Many cafes and pubs have invested capital into debonair interior decors and booming sound systems. The goal is to bait attractive millennials into taking glad selfies which will inevitably make their friends jealous of the munchies on Instagram. These sneaky Alabamans know how to get that free promotion!

This is most conceivably the greatest list ever compiled of the ideal munch spots in Pelham, Alabama. Get your feast on in Pelham, Alabama, ladies and gentlemen of the Solid South.

El Rey Nayar Restaurant & Seafood

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3569 Pelham Pkwy
Ste 2
Pelham, AL 35124