9 Bizarre Restaurants for Parents in Ansonia, Connecticut

Ansonia, Connecticut is a top area for yummy, lively munchies. Connecticutians have been posting wicked fragrant snapshots on LinkedIn from these restaurants. The hype has been reaching new heights as brand new places open up to quench our thirst and satisfy our hunger.

Trust us: this ain’t a swamp, chirpy human beings of earth. We aren’t all fans of Kris Jenner here. Newsflash: the culinary artists around these parts aren’t trying to sway the monotonous men and women from NYC.

Connecticut doesn’t care if Anthony Bourdain hypes it up. We got girls and boys covered whether they want palatable meats or something slightly healthier based with rutabagas, shelling beans and arugula.

Nutmeggers are merry about how the chefs de cuisine slip in ostensibly irregular ingredients like turnips or squash throughout each course. Three course feasts are everywhere in Ansonia, Connecticut. Or men and women may sneak in a quick snack if they feel like they’ve got no time to spare.

Jubilate a holiday, an anniversary or serious promotion at work. Whatever excuse you need to splurge on a meal made with cantaloupes, cauliflower and apples. Hangry yet? Chow down on this list ladies.

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51 Bridge St
Ansonia, CT 06401