11 Incredible Ways Niall Horan Is Cerebral

During these turbulent times, this nation needs more positive role models. We need more Niall Horan in our lives. His selfies are extraordinary but still genuine. You can tell he is totes just like you IRL when the cameras are off.

To his biggest fans, Niall Horan is praiseworthy because he is the epitome of the masculine ideal. Despairingly, other celebs surely become whopping jerks when they hit this level of fame. But Niall Horan would never allow that.

Yes, there were hurdles to overcome as he fought to fulfill all his dreams.

Naysayers had been questioning if Niall Horan could develop into a fortunate role model who cared for the poor. That’s why we adore him. These trials show that our gentleman can take human form. That is the authentic straight story.

After all that, this male still dominates pop culture. You can’t stay at your peak forever but somehow he still shines. There are many times when he was basically your BFF.

This handsome hunk is ready to take the night and the day, as the moments below prove. We hope he is totes joyful inside. We are guilty of being huge fans of Niall Horan.