Lamar, Colorado Eventually Became Loaded With Head Chefs Who Respect Regional Recipes

Ask geriatric Coloradans what they prefer to eat and they might recall stories of chowing down major helpings of tacos and pizza at staid temples of nosh. Many of these staid temples of nosh only exist in the history books, perhaps buried deep in the libraries of Colorado State or Colorado College. But the impact on Lamar, Colorado lives on. Well before the 20th century, this community was actually picking up cred as a gastronomy hub all across the Centennial State.

In the early Industrial period, kitchen life was problematic. The majority of gals and guys were hand-to-mouth laborers living under unseemly conditions that would make anyone affronted. Labor quarrels, economic recessions and famine were all too frequent in the old perio. The usual foodstuffs of these human beings were cost-effective and dare we say, dull. Coloradans used lambs or potatoes that was readily available before refrigeration.

Nowadays without any hesitation, Coloradans will go out of their way to eat at institutions run by grill masters who know how to cook using local beef, lambs and potatoes. To be true about the reality, the mix of this district is also altering before our eyes. For example, insatiable millennials are demanding a seat at the table and they will leave lazy comments on Yelp if they don’t get their way. However, there is a silver lining now. There are assuredly more Cuban, Seafood or British cafes than the folks of the 1950s could ever dream about.

It is certainly intellectual to dream about a journey around Red Rocks Amphitheatre. But why not also think about a pit stop for the eateries in this community? Although the tables of Lamar, Colorado have continued to evolve since the heydays of the postwar boom, this city is still influenced by the traditions of yore.

Thankfully, premium products like apple pies tend to be made from scratch, just like grandma’s fusty recipe book recommends. There is a real sense of civic pride around here. And that is most obvious at the favorite dining destinations.

The following saloons and bistros epitomize the sapid cuisine around the West. Savor the archaic grub traditions before they go out of style forever.

The Oasis Restaurant At Best Western Cow Palce Inn

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1301 N Main St
Lamar, CO 81052