7 Chirpy Restaurants for Intelligent Epicureans In East Greenwich, Rhode Island

East Greenwich, Rhode Island has a wealth of relishing feeding spots. Yup, you heard that right. The grub hubs nearby are sure to give you indigestion since you will feasibly eat too much. Don’t worry though. Locals think that is the ideal compliment.

If you still suppose that East Greenwich, Rhode Island only offers food from foul chains wiht disingenuous food like Hooters, then prepare to feel the mirth. Ultimately, that’s all unseemly noise though.

Many gals and guys could write a college thesis at Bryant on how these prodigious diners have changed the culture for the better. Finally, here’s your opportunity to indulge in honey and dairy this evening. Whether you want to feed for the brood or get happy hour with ravenous colleagues, we have presented you with incomparable picks.

In East Greenwich, Rhode Island, the insightful kitchen aces will proposition your palates at every meal. Be prepared to scream “YOWZA!” in pure dignity when you see the chilis, salads, fish and meatloaf! Some French, African and Austrian diners and saloons are indeed affordable and some around the town are fancy by southern New England standards.

After a lively discussion, we have settled on the lounges that represent the best of southern New England. This is a complete and (we hope!) accurate survey of the best spots for grits and eggs. Bon appetit, friendly boys and girls representing the Ocean State!

Eleven Forty Nine

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1149 Division Rd
East Greenwich, RI 02818