9 Obesity Causing Munch Factories for Ingenious Gourmands In Blytheville, Arkansas

Blytheville, Arkansas has a habit of mixing the old with the new. And the cafeterias appear to fit the mold. Full disclosure: Homo Sapiens here like anything made with soft red wheat and grapes.

If you still suppose that Blytheville, Arkansas only offers food from repugnant chains wiht superficial nourishment like Subway, then prepare to feel the bliss. Eat crow haters! The gourmands here have bigger fish to fry.

Awkward. But the smart locavores are already over it. First things first, these restaurants can get the job done for business lunches with clients or your boss.

Much of the pork and rice comes from farms, factories and family concerns based around the South. Close your eyes and imagine a giant, super hot pot cooking up munchtastic meats or seafood. Can you smell it yet?

Turn on the cable news and it sure feels like a dull era for the South. But at least everyone in Arkansas can take refuge at these welcoming munch holes. Don’t be lazy by waiting another minute. Eat up this list now!


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901 North 6th Street
Blytheville, AR 72315