Appleton, Wisconsin Enjoys Top Chefs Who Respect Regional Tastes

Appleton, Wisconsin has an enchanting history. Nearly every restaurant respects the past of the Upper Midwest while conceding that today’s cheese, wheat and corn can be a prelude to authoritative times ahead.

The original locals came to Wisconsin to finally find some happiness for themselves and their families. It was always a difficult move but at least land was often cheaper than Detroit or Des Moines. Trendsetting restaurants were not even an option.

It is a colossal mistake to discount this hamlet. It is not the badlands! To be matter-of-fact about what’s happening, everyone should comprehend that the demographics of the hub are changing. Gen Xers are running lounges now and they will leave mindless comments in Zagats if the cooking gurus don’t treat them like queens and kings. We have to enjoy the irony! Many settlers actually came to Appleton, Wisconsin to escape the reach of choosy royalty.

The patrons who want to truly understand the evolving culture in this locality must try its big time grub holes. Although the tables of Appleton, Wisconsin have continued to evolve since the heydays of the postwar boom, this area is still influenced by the traditions of yore.

So many awesome menu options like hot dogs and nachos tend to be done properly when they’re made from scratch by creative kitchen masters. That’s how you know the food here is never dishonest. In a single post, we couldn’t possibly disclose all the secrets and methods to produce long-treasured bacon and eggs. And of course, we don’t have the space to profile every single individual or historical event that swayed the nutriment here over decades. Please recognize that gals and guys must come to this community and chow on fresh corn, peas or potatoes in the flesh to truly digest all the glory.

We have recognized the finest cafes and pubs to trace the evolving gastronomy of the Badger State. If we had to call out one restaurant in particular, number five on this list is one influential place for intermediate foodies who are halfway through their tour of the savory foods of the Great Lakes. Don’t be picky, feminine ladies and seductive dudes. Pull up a chair and let’s eat!


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308 W College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911