16 Wallet-Busting Greasy Spoons for Sophisticated Gourmands In Rome, New York

During the holidays, many families travel to a Rochester Knighthawks lacrosse game. And when they get hungry, they check out the cafeterias in Rome, New York. These New York muncheries will cause chaos in your stomach because you will stuff yourself to sleep.

Gourmands from Boston or Hartford may not comprehend life here. Frankly they can be rude AF. Who cares if these noshable recipes are featured on the Food Network?

Upstate New Yorkers have voted with their tastebuds and elected Rome, New York as a leading restaurant destination. Epicurean enthusiasts can eat sterling Boston cream pies. Or sample ritzy sustainably grown, organic vegetables and fruits.

You may be ecstatic and a bit confused by how these notorious top chefs use zesty herbs along with New York apples or maple syrup. Dishes may contain a mix of mint, rosemary, oregano, tarragon and dill. Yet it all manages to meld after the dishes pop off the grill. We should note that a few of these restaurants are quite low key in Rome, New York while other selections here are for dressing up to impress a beau or coworkers.

Upstate New Yorkers have longed claimed that the adventure doesn’t begin until the first bite. These photographs provide inspiration until then. Unbelievable muncheries around here are sure to become the apple of your eye.

Vescio’s Franklin Hotel

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301 S James St
Rome, NY 13440