8 Cool Times When Tyga Is Totes Sooo Funn Todayy!

Tyga has been one fierce dude lately. How did he get to the top?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on why he is great. Tyga knows that a plethora of money can equal a plethora of new problems. It is cerebral to stay authentic to your values.

From another angle however, it has been a bumpy road so far for Tyga.

Critics had been asking if he had the talents and personality to sell his dashing image to Middle America. Was he too goofy? It’s clear skies ahead now, thankfully.

Tyga never lets up since there is always another gargantuan mountain for him to summit. Be sure to enjoy the happy moments, fellow! He shows us anything is possible when you stick to your values.

These photographs can help you appreciate why he has so many followers. We hope you enjoy these endearing snapshots of Tyga.