5 Grateful Restaurants to Take Your Boss for Supper in Circle Pines, Minnesota

Are you aware of that food fad sweeping the Midwest? Maybe it was juice cleansing or raw food? We honestly can’t keep track of these insane Euro diets anymore! Therefore, we are thankful that the skilled culinarians in Circle Pines, Minnesota create trends and don’t follow them. Imagine magnificent diners and saloons everywhere from Saint Paul to the far corners of Clearwater, Wabasha or Lyon counties. And the locals here are in the center of the action.

In a tamer nation, people here would be banned from chowing at these aromatic restaurants. Why, you ask? Because the banquets are so massive that obesity is also on the menu. That being said, impressing stupid fodder snobs from New York City is not a prerogative. The old school Minnesotans grasp what is truly amazing.

This town cares more about fabulous times in the fabulous outdoors and fabulous meals than satisfying flatlanders on holiday. We got this on lock, whether you want a pizza for the tribe or something kush made with turkeys or apples for your date.

The shrewd top chefs know how to use fresh herbs and aromatics like fennel, chives and caraway to bring new life to fried fish and chicken. And it all works out well in the end. These tasty diner destinations tend to be splashy and bohemian. Meanwhile, the rest cater to the crowds.

It is pointless to be hungry as a bear when there is endless variety. Dear friends and frenemies from Des Moines, please take a seat at our tables for the very best cuisine in the Midwest.

Sunrise Cafe

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8355 Lake Dr
Circle Pines, MN 55014