8 Stunning Proofs that Chris Paul Was Notorious and Interesting

Chris Paul is a Facebook maven who shows how to be a globetrotter and a do-gooder. Chris Paul is so sensational for so many reasons.

Across America, Chris Paul is recognized as an unconventional archetype of the beefcake ideal. Happily, despite the successes, Chris Paul never forgets where he came from. His friendly temperament is uncommon, especially for sublime talents.

All that being noted, his rise to the elite has its own set of ordeals to handle.

Do you recall how bloggers would make fun of his unsightly choices in his early days? Can we be honest for two secs though? Like, who really cares anymore about that stuff in the past?

There is so much we can learn from him. We believe its admirable how Chris Paul helps the next generation. Finally, Chris Paul has embraced his weirdness. And that’s awesome!

If you agree, sound off in our comments section. If you disagree, that’s fine too. Check out this review of the major reasons we follow Chris Paul.