7 Table Turners to Taste Near Makawao, Hawaii

If you must escape San Francisco, there are a plethora of options in the Pacific Ocean. Take the road less travelled and find your way to Makawao, Hawaii. Secret pubs and canteens are hidding in plain sight.

Major food critics still don’t know how enticing all the restaurants in Makawao, Hawaii are these days. Few people who were raised in Polynesia grew up expecting that someone like Jamie Oliver would ever apprehend how we Hawaiians live. But that’s their issue, and not ours.

The wealthy oligarchs of our world wouldn’t grasp anyways. Is your squad fiending for legit local specialties? Or do you want a normal, well-known dish instead. Or maybe taste both!

The delightful chow junkies here should love how these culinarians try to use organic veggies and local pineapples, honey or sugarcane in their main courses. The pleased alums from the University of Hawaii all celebrate these canteens and watering holes due to their authenticity and college student friendly prices.

Real Hawaiians might split their weeks. Half the days are for the gym and salads and the other half are for five servings of steaks and fish. It’s called gluttony…erm, we mean “balance.” LOL! After eating in this town, you will be like Elton John and sing “Can you feeel the food tonight?”

Makawao Sushi & Deli

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3647 Baldwin Ave
Makawao, HI 96768