7 Most Astounding Times Neymar Is Proudly a Fashion Icon

Neymar is one of those deviant celebrities who has fan bases in both red states and blue states. He is spokesperson for his generation.

Neymar makes elites uncomfortable because he could analyze hegemonic constructs by negating stale ideas of the Other. When you are a brother who is suddenly in the 1 Percent, we can grasp how you might be a serious jerk. That being said, Neymar seems to manage this temptation in a shrewd manner.

But do you recall the folks in the early days who doubted whether he couldn’t deliver?

Negative influences used to argue on morning TV about whether he could find consistency in his career. But he refused to let frivolous people play him for a fool. That is the true story.

When necessary, Neymar hits the weights to clear him head and focus on him buff body. Delightedly for his fan girls, all those workouts have helped shed the fat and add muscles. Here comes a happy, heroic boy! At last, Neymar has embraced his creativity and inner offbeat vibes. And that’s inspiring!

These candid moments capture how he crushes life yet still enjoys the fun, wild ride. Do you agree with our view of Neymar? Share your views on Facebook.