South Gate, California Got Real About Its Gastronomic Past and Present

Could you imagine life in Southern California way back before San Diego or San Luis Obispo counties even existed on the map? Even before the invention of electricity, this town was gaining a energizing reputation in Southern California as a food center.

considered melons or oranges to be a seasonal novelty back in the 19th century. The cheap lunching habits of the people here were prudent and perhaps humdrum. Californians relied on honey and melons that was efficient to lure from the land and water.

Fast forward to the contemporary period and there are endless meal options for regulars to love and sightseers to taste on their next jaunt. A bounty of new ethnic influences has taken this restaurant scene to the next level.

Look, we can’t blame anyone for wanting to check out Knott’s Soak City. But you are selling yourself short if you don’t find a way to taste the grub spots here while in Southern California. There are certainly gruberies here which have been in business since before WWII. Inspirational restaurants from the old times have still found ways to triumph today. There are also new gruberies all over that operate like laboratories to help the chefs de cuisine develop their next great cuisine innovations.

There are secrets to be told and relishing recipes to be shared if you stop and chat with the local epicureans. You can tell they value their place in history here. These epicureans want to be caretakers of culinary traditions. And they will speculate about postcolonial idealogies about nourishment if needed! There can be an overwhelming yet legit sense of belonging here for anyone who claims to be a gourmand. And that is most evident at the favorite cafes and saloons.

Catch a glimpse of the nosh-worthy Ethiopian, Chilean or Vegan options in the West Coast by staring at these mesmerizing photos. These brainy top chefs will be your tour guides through five decades of recipe magic.

Balam Mexican Kitchen

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Lynwood, CA 90262