11 Overlooked Restaurants for Robust Gluttony In Lebanon, Missouri

Vitalizing restaurants await in Lebanon, Missouri. Look beyond the weird roadside dinners and dives because delectable treats await nearby.

This area is decidedly a secret gem with delights hidding in plan sight. But be warned: you will annoy the chefs de cuisine here if you dare compare Lebanon, Missouri to the overhyped food scenes in Des Moines! All that considered, the flatlanders might want to throw down their AMEX cards in a swamp.

Robust restaurants in around Lebanon, Missouri might not get coverage on the Food Network. All that aside, it is no biggie since that means Missourians can easily find unbelievable meals without waiting in lines. Whether you want bagels or chowders for the crew or something lush for your date, we have you covered.

We can boastfully claim that nothing but real, down to earth people cook up all the meals around here. You won’t see any pre-packaged versions of noodles or fried fish and salads! Missourians living in Lebanon, Missouri have reportedly said that a select set of eateries here are indeed local secrets. Others are well-known across Missouri for the chow. Rest assured, all are worthy of social media bragging.

You deserve this decadent list of the tastiest cafes and saloons in Lebanon, Missouri. Adulting can be so onerous but there’s no reason to stress about formulating your dining plan. Any of these picks will get you likes on Pinterest.

Chi Time Chinese Restaurant

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630 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536