14 Ritzy Food Places to Avoid Annoying Hipsters By Santa Monica, California

Hey Angelenos! Do you understand that International Beer Day is right around the corner? Book a journey to Santa Monica, California for authentic food ideas that are appropriate for the holiday. The food is nosh-worthy and aspirational. Go to a American and Italian restaurant and flavors will take your tongue for a expedition like no where else in SoCal.

Even though Santa Monica, California deserves to be more cool, there are still gluttons who haven’t experienced or tasted how pleasant life can be. The vicious critics will soon see they have been misguided.

This area has primo cafes and pubs where you can go get your munchies on. There are foodie establishments matched for your tastes if you prefer potatoes, corn, or brown bread for your starch,

You might even learn from these thoughtful top chefs how to get even more umami out of oranges or honey. Celebrate an anniversary or a major promotion at your job with a quality meal and your favorite apple crisp and banana puddings.

We all scream for more time eating and less time cooking on a Tuesday. May we all grub like true Angelenos tonight.

Meat On Ocean

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1501 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401