6 Shocking Moments When James Bay Is Invariably Confident

This planet needs more heroes. Which is why we need James Bay! While posing for each selfie, you can see he is daring.

Slay, you brazen king! Satisfyingly, despite the successes, James Bay never forgets where he came from. His loyal nature is rare for a talent like this.

Against this background, let’s not neglect the facts: it took years of toil to get to the top.

Way too many crazy haters were needlessly speculating if he was tough enough to last in the business. Dear media talking heads: stop judging! If he wants to garble down burgers and malts after a hard days night, well, that’s his right.

Lately, James Bay appears less concerned about the irrational stuff and much more focused on making the universe a better place. In conclusion, James Bay proves you can change your luck by surrounding yourself with standout mentors.

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