10 Primo Cafes and Bistros That Challenge Palates in Jefferson, Wisconsin

When the sun goes down, Jefferson, Wisconsin opens up with more than enough thrilling canteens. Local Badgers have been posting munchtastic photos on Facebook from these eating places. The hype in the Midwest is reaching epic proportions as new hot spots pop up constantly to feed the townies.

This town might not unseat somewhere like Fargo as a culinary center. Dick Cheney can take their shortsighted person shtick somewhere else like Washington, DC!

Jefferson, Wisconsin doesn’t want or seek validation from celebrity chefs. Just imagine: women and men may be inhaling grilled veggies like a bird. Or visitors may be grubbing on exclusive meats like a rich fattie. Cheeseheads celebrate and welcome all body types.

In Jefferson, Wisconsin, the menus are organized according to freshly harvested, modern ingredients. You could even try some wheat and pork. Or you can also opt for tried and true classics like pepperoni pizzas. Badgers especially recommend all the rakish, fusty pubs and canteens in Jefferson, Wisconsin to out of towners and Wisconsin transplants.

The best watering holes in Jefferson, Wisconsin are so zesty you will ask the chef if may be possible to order dinner delivery next time. After eating in this area, you will be like Elton John and sing “Can you feeel the chow tonight?”

Wayside Inn

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W4820 US Hwy 18
Jefferson, WI 53549