13 Odd Times Which Niall Horan Questioned the Narrative. And Now He is Mature and Grown-up

Niall Horan knows how to break the rules…and win the game! He is marketing influencer.

To his core fan base, his supremacy will be eternal. He is a star that will always burn bright. Despairingly, other stars let the fame and fortune go to their persnickety heads. Luckily, Niall Horan remains cordial and he still appreciates the tribe.

Before we get to the fun, however, a tiny bit of perspective is helpful to set the context.

His life has had its fair share of embarrassing moments. Niall Horan throws shade when needed. He can shake it off when it comes to haters.

Niall Horan is one of the greatest of all time. GOAT! To wrap this up, we believe it is quite clear why he has so many loyal followers.

Are you human beings totes ready to feel inspired? It’s so interesting how he is basically you IRL and your BFF rolled into one. Show off your creativity by captioning these clips for us in the comments.