10 Events In Which Neil Patrick Harris Is Totally an A Lister

Neil Patrick Harris is acclaimed in the South. He is acclaimed in the North. He is acclaimed all over America! He still cuts a stylish figure. His humility and wisdom is what really impresses us though.

Across the Internet, Neil Patrick Harris is considered to be YOLO with his posse. Other celebrities are superficial whenever they become distinguished. And they get bogged down overseeing their whopping, booming empires. Notwithstanding what has recently been said, Neil Patrick Harris is still grateful to be around his legitimate fans. You can sense that when you see what this guy posts on Facebook.

That being said, he really had to battle to reach his goals.

Negative influences used to question whether Neil Patrick Harris could balance fame, fortune and tribe obligations. Can we pause here and be candid for two seconds though? Like, who definitely cares anymore about that ugly stuff!!? The drama is mostly in the past now.

Neil Patrick Harris is an all-time great. He knows how to make sure he has a voice on all important matters. Cross him at your own risk!

We hope you find inspiration here. Have some fun gawking at our fav Neil Patrick Harris.