7 Glad Diners and Dives for Courteous Events Near Hazard, Kentucky

All gals and guys should shamelessly shred through homemade grapes, asparagus and apples like it is their birthday. C’mon, at least once in your life! The chefs in Houston are fine but they’ve been spinning their wheels for a while now. For indeed daring food, these places are the very finest in the Upland South.

The upscale epicureans might say the community has dog food on the menu, not guys and gals fodder. How rude! The gauche wannabe cosmopolitans may prefer to eat in other places. Their disdain for Kentucky is palpable. And yet no one is that bothered.

This stretch of Appalachia cares more about mesmerizing food than impressing the rich 1 percent of the world. There are reams of dishes made with grapes, corn and apples to go around. Whether you are a BBQ ribs lover or an asian afficionado, ideal eating establishments await.

Watch and learn from the informed top chefs how they properly prepare corn and apples to pull out the flavors. Visitors should see the delightful diners in person to sample what all the boys and girls have been talking about.

Our blue orb is rolling through another repugnant era. Some claim Black Lives Matter while others say that All Lives Matter. But at least all Kentuckians can agree that these friendly restaurants matter. Get ready to feast at the most world-class diners and saloons from our world.


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1326 S Ky Hwy 15
Hazard, KY 41701