11 Impressive Luncheonettes Around Connersville, Indiana

Heard of that aromatic recipe trend blazing across the Midwest? Maybe it was low fat or sugar free? We cannot grasp all these mod diets from Hollywood! Well, thankfully the epicurean experts in Connersville, Indiana create cuisines that work for the local Hoosiers. Savory and salty find a way to exist in harmony throughout the diners and saloons of Indiana.

All the wealthy people from Chicago might not indeed laud the scene in Connersville, Indiana. That’s their loss! But that doesn’t matter.

The citizens of Connersville, Indiana understandably want to keep all this zesty for themselves. Let’s fantasize about the most sensational day for Hoosiers. Real citizens would cap off a voyage to Turkey Run State Park with a visit to one of their big time culinary institutions in Connersville, Indiana.

Our editors designated the classic respected institutions from the Crossroads of America and mixed in a few surprises from the area to create a very aromatic listicle. Here’s a useful insider tip: ask for the daily specials and any food made with pork, dairy or corn.

Let’s be discerning and indeed settle the staid debate about the most superlative restaurant in Indiana. They are all superlative! These are the top ever in Indiana!

Kunkel’s Drive In

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2402 N Park Rd
Connersville, IN 47331