Our Claim: Des Moines, Iowa Still Caters to New Ideas for Old Recipes

Des Moines, Iowa has a gripping history. Even before the Great Depression, this community was gaining a seductive reputation in the Midwest as a hub for munchies.

For the obsolete citizens of Des Moines, Iowa, life was challenging. The majority of people were laborers living under challenging conditions. Quarrels with St. Louis were decidedly all too common. Perky restaurants were not even an option within a day’s ride.

In the contemporary era, cuisine in Des Moines, Iowa is equal parts inordinate and savvy. The demographic makeup of Iowa is also changing and that means more steakhouse, Tex-Mex and seafood options than ever before.

It is certainly enlightened to fantasize about a expedition to Maquoketa Caves State Park. But Iowa has so much more! How about a short detour to the scrumptious munch spots in this town? Many of the old school supper clubs in Des Moines, Iowa have been operating since before the advent of the Internet. There are also futuristic supper clubs that are as respected. Both of these serve as a link between past, present and future for the town.

Not everything was remarkable about the outdated ways in Iowa. For some folks, it was certainly not wonderland here. But the chow traditions have always been remarkable and they cut across generations, classes and races. We assert that no other community in Iowa provides such a rare mix of culture and cuisine.

We have selected the greatest restaurants to help you trace the evolving gastronomy of the Midwest. If we had to suggest one restaurant in particular, number five on this list is a world-class spot for sophisticated eaters who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of the tantalizing foods of the Hawkeye State. Masticate like one of the historical settlers this evening, all from the comforts of a fresh dining establishment.

Vivian’s Diner & Drinks

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400 Walnut St
Ste 101
Des Moines, IA 50309