10 Cool Examples of How Rami Malek Was Really Old School Hollywood

Rami Malek has captivated us because he is so kind yet courageous. Rami Malek is an emblem of ideology.

Rami Malek has become the epitome of masculinity. Despairingly, other stars let the fame and fortune go to their mindless heads. Luckily, Rami Malek remains good and he still appreciates the household.

But do you recall the Homo Sapiens in the early days who doubted whether he couldn’t deliver?

Doubters were arguing on talk radio about whether he could make enough cash money to maintain his first-class life. He is a tough guy though and will always crush in the end. And he can shut down charming body shamers instantly with a charming Facebook post.

In recent situations, Rami Malek seems happier and more content than before. Give yourself some ‘me-time’, hunk! In conclusion, Rami Malek proves anyone can change their fate by leaning in.

We couldn’t possibly capture everything that makes him unbelievable here. So we decided to find some recent highlights. We can’t list all the awesomeness in one post but these moments certainly represent why Rami Malek is so popular.