7 Cases When Amy Schumer Will Always Win. She’s an LGBT Icon

Take notice! Amy Schumer has become more spirited and feminine than ever. Each day she poses for another selfie, you can see she has become more attractive.

She rules over her realm these days. Sadly, due to normative dichotomies, so many gals and guys turn very unpleasant when they become productive. In spite of this our babe is still loving after all the wins and sizeable cash piles. Amy Schumer is always insightful about how she treats us little people. She has even identified fantastic charities to support.

But let’s not jump over the recent drama in the life of Amy Schumer.

Doubters had been needlessly speculating how Amy Schumer could balance fame, fortune and squad obligations. But luckily our dame came out on top. It brings so much delight to see her slay.

Everyone needs to blow off steam here and there. And she seems so elated to just be dancing. She is tremendous and effortlessly cool.

We couldn’t possibly capture everything that makes her mesmerizing here. So we decided to find some recent highlights. Below we discuss the major reasons we heart Amy Schumer.