Troy, Alabama Is Must Taste for Chefs Who Cook With Old Time Recipes

Troy, Alabama has an intriguing history filled with good times and bad times. Historians at the University of Alabama and Samford have always marvelled at the unique way of like in the Yellowhammer State. Scholars have even tried to document how the historical culture developed.

For the founders of Troy, Alabama, life was a grind. The majority of guys and gals were laborers living under challenging conditions. Quarrels, wars and famine were all too frequent. The cheap meals in the dated period of yesteryear, were nutritious but hardly ever nosh-worthy. Alabamians depended on seasonal crops and barn animals that were cheap to nurture from the untilled territories around Walker, Dallas or Covington counties. Perhaps now all you snobs from Auburn or Troy University can finally digest how fast food chains like Wendy’s initially felt like baller treats.

Fast forward to the current scene and you must sample the delish foods which are certainly true to the Heart of Dixie. New inhabitants are moving here from outside the South. They are bringing fresh munchies preferences. These new Alabamans add to the vigor of the community. There is nothing quite like a newcomer’s demands for sloppy joes and corn dogs or kale to make sous chefs feel inspired.

Seek out the staid restaurants and sample their acclaimed mac and cheese, salads and casseroles if you want to comprehend the genuine vibe of Troy, Alabama and its tenacious chefs. Passionate restaurants around these parts have been continuously flipping fun since before the game of football was ever played.

Premium products like caesar salads or club sandwiches tend to be made from scratch around the area. The inhabitants are reportedly satisfied by the complete devotion to fried chicken of exceptional quality. There is still some room for improvement at the new New England classics or vegan diners and saloons but most men and women agree they should get some slack.

We have curated the greatest luncheonettes and dining clubs to help you trace the evolving gastronomy of the Cotton Belt. If we had to suggest one restaurant in particular, number five on this list is a ideal spot for skilled gourmands who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of the fun foods of the Heart of Dixie. We suggest you cherish the inspiring traditions while they last.

Julia’s Restaurant

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809 Hwy 231 S
Troy, AL 36081