16 Breathtaking Restaurants In Surprise, Arizona

What would you recommend to a tourist visiting Surprise, Arizona? Fancy restaurants serve up the tastes of childhood in this town. You might wonder whether that’s your mama back there in the kitchen.

Not everyone can treasure kitchen apprentices who sometimes try to go out in blaze of glory every night. To be simply legit with you, dear readers, Mark Zuckerberg feasibly would not provide a good review of the Thai or seafood food here if or when there was a visit to Arizona. But that would never bother these locals one iota.

Surprise, Arizona cares more about sterling munchies than being a place which the 1 percent of this blue orb can enjoy. If you want Russian or Indian or grilled cheese, tapas, salads or pastas for lunch or dinner, the following notorious grub holes will keep the whole group coming back for seconds.

Spellbinding restaurants offer ample opportunities to eat with a view or dine by tablecloth. Here’s a pro tip: ask for the off menu items.

Sample our curated take on the top ambrosial ristorantes anywhere around Surprise, Arizona. We hope you love how celebrate National Flour Month in Surprise, Arizona!

Mike’s Kitchen

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17221 N. Litchfield Rd
Ste 50
Surprise, AZ 85374