Terrific Hotels for Friday Nights In Covent Garden, London

Covent Garden, London contains the coziest hotels anywhere in the United Kingdom. Hotels in Covent Garden, London don’t follow trends; they create them.

Keep in mind though that trekkers may have to deal with limited choices for resorts whenever special sports events are happening in Covent Garden, London. At the Exception Magazine, we suppose every tourist to Covent Garden, London should craft their own idea of what is important for a hotel or spa.

Awesome concierge service in Covent Garden, London can make visitors very elated. It’s like the staff is your BFF. It’s rough when there is not enough counterspace for toiletries and no place to hang things like wet towels or shower caps. Other than that though (since you get what you pay for) these literally are sensational resorts.

Below, we’ve curated the definitive list of top resorts and inns in Covent Garden, London. Book your room now.

St Martins Lane Hotel

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45 St Martin’s Lane
London WC2N 4HX