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The Exception Magazine is a nonpartisan online news, politics and culture site covering Maine. The site is owned by Liberalati LLC, a media firm based in Portland, Maine.

Our news magazine welcomes a variety of voices from Maine and around the world. Check out our Editorial Guidelines if you are interesting in sharing your stories on our platform.

We are committed to 100% accuracy in our reporting. Please use our contact form if you ever find an error on our site.

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Phone Contact
(207) 274-1972

Post Contact
P.O. Box 8436
Portland, Maine 04104

Editorial Team

R. Stefan Deeran

Contributing Writers
Thomas Fuller, Victor Detroy, Kaila Hale-Stern, Will Clarke, Nick Werth

Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Feidt

Advertising Director
Peter Lavoie
(207) 210-3503

Community Manager and Marketing
Monika Deeran

Administrative Assistant
Eric Bergman

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